Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Starting and stopping OBIEE in 10g and 11g

Starting/Stopping Oracle OBIEE 11G

OBIEE 11g is hosted on Weblogic and hence the scripts to start/stop services is totally different from that in 10G.
The start sequnces is:
  • Node Manager (wls console and EM, scripts located in  WLS_HOME/bin)
  • AdminServer (scripts located under domain/bi_foundation/bin)
  • BI Managed Server  (scripts located under domain/bi_foundation/bin)
  • Process Manager (Start all bi Services, scripts located at INSTANCE_HOME/bin, uses opmnctl -startall/status)
The Scripts are:

  • Node Manager: startNodeManager (cmd or sh)
  • AdminServer: startWeblogic (cmd or sh)
  • BI Managed Server: startManagedServer (cmd or sh)
  • Process Manager: opmnctl  startall
Stop Sequence:
The reverse order needs to be followed to stop Services.

  • opmnctl stopall
  • stopManagedServer (cmd or sh)
  • stopWeblogic (cmd or sh)
  • Node Manager: To stop nodemanager on unix directly kill the process. On windows if registered as a service stop node manager service.

Starting/Stopping Oracle OBIEE 10G

Oracle BI start/stop scripts are located in the directory OracleBI_HOME/setup. The main  scripts are:
  • oc4j (start OC4J)
  • run-sa.sh (calls user.sh and starts the Oracle BI Server)
  • run-saw.sh (calls saw.sh and starts the Oracle BI Presentation Services.)
  • run-sch.sh (for BI Scheduler)
  • run-ccs.sh (for the Cluster Controller)
  • sa-cli.sh (Sets up the environment for running the Oracle BI Client)
The order in which the differnt services in OBIEE are stopped/restarted is important. Below is the start sequence for OBI Component:
  • OC4J
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Server service.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services service.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Scheduler Server service.
Scripts to start:
oc4j -start
run-sa.sh start
run-saw.sh start
run-ccs.sh start  --> Oracle BI Cluster Controller (Only required if OBIEE Cluster is setup)
Scripts to Stop:
run-ccs.sh stop
run-saw.sh stop
run-sa.sh stop
oc4j -shutdown -port 23791 -password oc4jadmin

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